Microsoft Teams Attendant Console

Microsoft Makes Progress on Teams Client API for Call Control

On Microsoft Teams UserVoice, Microsoft has marked the “Teams Client API for Call Control” as “Under Review” by Alex (Teams Engineering).

Landis Technologies is dedicated to making a Microsoft Teams Attendant Console that is as loved as our Attendant Pro for Skype for Business.

We want to thank our many customer for voting on the Teams Client API for Call Control.

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Microsoft Teams Contact Center Commsverse

Supporting Teams Community by being a Gold Sponsor of Commsverse 2020 Online

06/26/2020 – Landis Technologies is glad to support the Microsoft Teams Community by being a Gold Sponsor of the Commsverse 2020. 📺 We welcome you  to register now at Commsverse Online.

“Commsverse 2020 organizer Mark Vale has put a lot of effort into making this online Teams community event as social and interactive as possible, including a Commsverse AltSpaceVR exhibit hall, and we are looking forward to participate.” says Wendell Martin, “We’d also be glad to chat with your about our native Microsoft Teams Contact Center solution at our virtual Commsverse vendor booth.”

The Landis Technologies’ team will be presenting on our native Microsoft Teams Contact Center, Policy Call Recording, Call Flow/IVR Builder and Attendant Console and will give our roadmap based on Communication API progress. The session will repeat 4 times July 6,7 & 8.

Mon, July 6 10pmMon, July 6 5pmLinkLink
Tues, July 7, 6pmTues, July 7, 1pmLinkLink
Weds, July 8, 12amWed, July 8, 7pmLinkLink
Wed, July 8, 8pmWed, July 8, 3pmLinkLink

Get the Landis Contact Center App Inside Teams to preview right now:

or Get a quick quote on Landis Contact Center

Landis Policy Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Landis Technologies Releases Policy Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Landis Technologies is excited to announce Policy Call Recording for Teams, the first component of our Microsoft Teams first Contact Center to be released to GA.

“We’ve been waiting for Microsoft Teams Communication APIs we use to become GA so we can start releasing Microsoft Teams features that we have created for use in production environments. The Microsoft Graph updateRecordingStatus API has now gone GA so we are eager to provide this functionality to our customers”, Landis Technologies CEO Matt Landis noted. “We have provided many Skype for Business customers with a call recording solution and are eager to bring our innovations to Microsoft Teams.”

The policy call recording functionality is provided from inside the Landis Contact Center Teams App which is already validated and available by browsing available apps inside Teams. Call Recording functionality can be used by organizations even if they are not interested in other Contact Center functionality.

Global Sales Manager, Wendell Martin says “Landis Policy Call Recording is a cloud service, so getting started with policy based call recording just takes a few minutes to get setup and going, unlike many other solutions in the market. Also, our solution is a ‘Teams First’ solution, so its built exclusively for Teams and looks and feels like a Teams solution.”

Landis Policy Call Recording is a cloud service, so getting started with policy based call recording just takes a few minutes to get setup and going

Landis Policy Call Recording for Teams allows managers to easily setup policies for recording user’s calls, set permissions so only the proper users can access recordings and record calls, whether they are made on Teams IP desk phones, mobile devices or a PC with headset.

Landis Technologies is focusing on customer service and convenience Microsoft Teams audio call recording scenarios at this time. For Compliance Recording scenarios please check with the following compliance recording vendors.

Landis Policy Call Recording for Microsoft Teams is available now and GA versions will be rolling out shortly. Contact for any additional questions.

Watch a video about this announcement below:

COVID-19 Response: We Will Continue to Provide Services & Take Precautionary Measures

The Pennsylvania Governor’s office considers IT services & telecommunications a “life sustaining” business* and among those who can continue physical operations. Landis Technologies will continue providing vital IT services & Telecommunication software support and take some precautionary measures.

Continued IT Services and Telecommunication software support:

  • Landis Technologies will continue to maintain and monitor our customers’ business critical IT systems.
  • Assist companies providing remote work options for their organizations.
  • Sales & support of our telecommunications software products (Attendant Console, Contact Center, etc.) will continue.
  • You can continue to reach us by telephone and email

Precautionary Measures:

  • Our physical retail & service center will be closed (as of 3/19). If access is needed to the building, please call us or ring the doorbell for access.
  • Provide employee work from home option for physical distancing
  • We will limit onsite IT services to services of a business-critical nature.
  • We will continue remote service and maintenance as usual.

In the event of a total lock down in Pennsylvania we have the remote work capacity to continue to delivering services & support. We are continuing to support our many “life sustaining business” customers and especially those providing critical services during this time.

These are uncertain and challenging times, but we want to do everything we can to support our local and global customers while prioritizing the safety of our employee’s and the public.

* – Data Hosting, Telecommunications, Electronic Equipment Repair & Maintenance, Information & Technical Services

Free Attendant Console Licenses to Accommodate COVID-19 Remote Work Scenarios

We have been receiving numerous inquiries from companies that are working to implement remote work plans for their organizations due to COVID-19. Effective immediately, we are offering free 6 month license keys to any Attendant Pro users that needs to move to a laptop or secondary PC to accommodate remote work.

If your offices are switching to work-from-home and you are in need of additional license, please email

Teams data driven call routing

Landis Technologies Demonstrates Data Driven Call Routing for Microsoft Teams

Landis Technologies is demonstrating data driven call routing IVRs for Microsoft Teams as part of the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams. Everything is built using the Microsoft Teams Communication APIs utilizing the Teams Phone System.

“We are glad to be able to demonstrate sophisticated IVR call flows for calls using the Microsoft Teams Phone System” notes Landis Technologies CEO Matt Landis. “Our customers want to do complex call flows using their existing Teams Calling and without complex integration.”

Data driven call routing comes as part of the Landis Contact Center IVR call flow designer engine. The IVR initially includes the following call flow building blocks:

  • Incoming Call Trigger
  • Gather Call Information
  • HTTP Web Request/Response
  • Split/Decision
  • Transfer to LCC Queue
  • Hang-up Call

The IVR is entirely written using the native Microsoft Teams Communications APIs. Landis Technologies will continue to add building blocks to our Teams Contact Center IVR engine for even more sophisticated flows. You can watch a demonstration of the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams data driven call routing below.

This functionality will be released to the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Preview shortly.


Landis Technologies is Gold Sponsor of Microsoft Teams Conference Commsverse 2020

Ephrata, Pennsylvania USA – Landis Technologies is a gold sponsor of Commsverse, a conference on April 29-30, 2020 in UK that focuses on Microsoft Teams. Landis Technologies will also be demonstrating their Microsoft Teams Contact Center and Attendant Console.

“This is a time of transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams so its a great time to attend a conference like Commsverse.” say Landis Technologies CEO and community leader Matt Landis. “Commsverse will gather the vendors and industry experts that know Skype for Business and Teams in a conference small enough to make sure you can get facetime.”

Landis Technologies experts will be presenting sessions on using Microsoft Teams in Customer Interaction and Call Center scenarios, will be an exhibitor and available for meetings.

Sign up for the conference and get a discount using the discount code “Landis”.

Visit Commsverse website.

Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Presence

Landis Demonstrates Contact Search with Presence Utilizing the New Graph Presence API

Landis Technologies demonstrates contact search with presence utilizing the new Microsoft Graph presence API.

Landis Technologies managing owner Matt Landis notes: “This is a nice addition to our Teams Contact Center and allows it to show the presence status for users that contact center agents may want to add to a call.” Matt also gives some realworld application feedback on the new Microsoft Teams Graph Presence API, “From our informal, stopwatch based tests it appears the presence for a reasonable amount results (1-30) is typically returned by the API in under a half of a second.”

Also, there are a few items in the presence API that will likely be improved by Microsoft in the future, “Currently the API is not subscription based so applications using it, like the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams just need to pull the presence regularly so it reflect real time changes. Also, not all presence states, like ‘Out of Office’ are returned.”

You can watch the demonstration below.

Office 365 Contact Center for Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business


Microsoft Teams Call Recording

Landis Demonstrates Microsoft Teams Customer Service Call Recording Powered by the New Compliance Recording API

Landis Technologies has demonstrated Microsoft Teams customer service call recording powered by the new compliance recording APIs which are currently in Preview from Microsoft.

The Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Preview has had call recording and sentiment analysis functionality for internal Teams users calling into Landis queues previously, but the Compliance Recording API’s enables this new functionality:

  • PSTN Callers into Landis Queues can be automatically recorded via policies
  • PSTN Callers into Landis Queues now can have sentiment analysis shown live and stored
  • All Microsoft Teams clients will show a notification that “Calls are being recording…”
  • Call Recording start and stop can be controlled via the Landis Contact Center agent (based on policy)

Landis Technologies is focusing on customer service recording scenarios at this time. (as opposed to Compliance Recording scenarios). Stored call recording access is protected by robust, granular, access control.

This functionality will soon be available to our Technical Access Preview customers for the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams.

Read more about the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Contact Center:

Office 365 Contact Center for Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business

2019 Holiday Wishes

2019 Holiday Wishes

To all of our partners, customers and friends around the world, we wish you and yours Best Wishes and Joy during this time of the year and all year long.

Our hours during the holidays will be:

Tuesday, December 24th – Closed at 3:00 for Christmas Eve
Wednesday, December 25th – CLOSED all day, Christmas

Tuesday, December 31st – Closed at 3:00 for New Year’s Eve
Wednesday, January 1st – CLOSED all day, New Year’s Day