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COVID-19 Response: We Will Continue to Provide Services & Take Precautionary Measures

The Pennsylvania Governor’s office considers IT services & telecommunications a “life sustaining” business* and among those who can continue physical operations. Landis Technologies will continue providing vital IT services & Telecommunication software support and take some precautionary measures.

Continued IT Services and Telecommunication software support:

  • Landis Technologies will continue to maintain and monitor our customers’ business critical IT systems.
  • Assist companies providing remote work options for their organizations.
  • Sales & support of our telecommunications software products (Attendant Console, Contact Center, etc.) will continue.
  • You can continue to reach us by telephone and email

Precautionary Measures:

  • Our physical retail & service center will be closed (as of 3/19). If access is needed to the building, please call us or ring the doorbell for access.
  • Provide employee work from home option for physical distancing
  • We will limit onsite IT services to services of a business-critical nature.
  • We will continue remote service and maintenance as usual.

In the event of a total lock down in Pennsylvania we have the remote work capacity to continue to delivering services & support. We are continuing to support our many “life sustaining business” customers and especially those providing critical services during this time.

These are uncertain and challenging times, but we want to do everything we can to support our local and global customers while prioritizing the safety of our employee’s and the public.

* – Data Hosting, Telecommunications, Electronic Equipment Repair & Maintenance, Information & Technical Services

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