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Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams Gets Music on Hold

Landis Technologies is glad to announce to customers that Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams now has music on hold.

Wendell Martin, Global Sales at Landis notes, “Up to now the Landis Attendant Console could provide music on hold via either hosted or on-premise SBC’s, but we are glad that we now provide seamless Microsoft Teams policy-based music on hold. We work closely with Microsoft to bring features to enable our products to work as smoothly as possible with Microsoft Teams.”

There is no additional music on hold configuration, just configure a music on hold policy in the Teams Admin Center for the user or users using the Landis Attendant Console.

Landis Technologies notes music on hold is provided as an “Experimental Feature” and is enabled in Settings | Advanced | Experimental Features | Enable Music on Hold. Experimental Features means it is early access and could change or be disabled until it comes into GA status.

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