Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams, Platinum Sponsor of Comms vNext, Announces Zero Cost Proof of Concept Program

Microsoft Teams Contact Center Proof of Concept

10/21/2021 – Denver, Colorado USA – Landis Technologies is a Platinum sponsor of Comms vNext (October 25-26, 2021) in Denver Colorado and announcing their simple, no cost Microsoft Teams contact center proof of concept/trial program.

“We are glad to once again support the Microsoft Teams community by being a platinum sponsor of Comms vNext”, notes Wendell Martin, global sales at Landis Technologies. “Our team is at Comms vNext we expect to have a lot of conversations about our rapidly growing Microsoft Teams Contact Center. We are finding customers & partners really like our zero cost Proof of Concept-Trial program, which makes bringing contact center functionality to Microsoft Teams even easier.”

The Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Proof of Concept Program includes several components:

  • Simple, straight forward initial setup.
  • $0 proof of concept/trial for 30 days.
  • Easy to go from proof of concept to production by just purchasing licenses.

The Landis Technologies Landis Contact Center is available now. The Landis Technologies’ team welcomes you to join other organizations & Microsoft Partners who are starting the process of moving their contact center functionality to Microsoft Teams via the Landis Contact Center:

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