Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Participates in Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program

Microsoft 365 app compliance program

8/6/2020 – The Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams is participating in the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program for Teams Apps to make it easier for your security and compliance group to bring the Landis Contact Center Teams app into your Microsoft 365 environment.

The Landis Contact Center App for Microsoft Teams is “Publisher verified”, and “Microsoft Teams App Security & Compliance Publisher Attested” at this time and is currently in the process of Microsoft 365 App Compliance certification.

“Landis is among the first to take a Teams Contact Center through this verification and certification process and this demonstrates Landis Technologies’ deep commitment to bringing a contact center to market that is built on the Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams communications platform and not merely integrated to Teams via a Direct Route” says Landis Technologies CEO Matt Landis. “The Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program provides app security and compliance to IT departments in a standard way to more easily get security & compliance clearances.”

These verifications and certifications are also part of the ongoing process for the Landis Contact Center to certified as part of the Connected Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Certification Program.

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