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Landis Contact Center Solution Certified for Microsoft Teams

Landis Contact Center is now Solution Certified for Microsoft Teams.

“The Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams is a contact center built for Microsoft Teams from the ground up to extend Microsoft Teams to be your customer experience solution. The Landis Contact Center solution has already achieved certifications from Tekvision and Microsoft 365 Certified and today adds Solution Certified for Microsoft Teams.” says global account executive Wendell Martin. “The Landis Contact Center is simple to implement, looks and feels just like Teams, has the advanced features our customers ask for, is open to integrate with the Microsoft Power Platform and is trusted by organization all around the world.”

The Landis Contact Center is popular among Microsoft Partners and organizations that have settled on using Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice around the world because it is among the few certified solutions to use the Extend Model architecture, which is the most tightly integrated to Microsoft Teams and thus easy to implement and maintain on an ongoing basis.

To find out more about the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams, or get a free, 30 day, fully working trial, follow the link below:
Contact Center for Microsoft Teams – Landis Technologies LLC

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