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Microsoft Teams Incoming Call Pop Up Functionality for Call Center Agents & Attendant Console Operators

05/07/2021 – Landis Technologies is providing a video demonstration of Microsoft Teams incoming “call pop up” functionality for call center agents & attendant operators.

“This functionality provides the ability to show relevant call context for call to Microsoft Teams users”, says Landis Technologies ceo Matt Landis. “Our 1-Click principle is applied to showing information about a caller even when the agent or receptionist dynamically switches between multiple calls.”

The Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams is a standalone Teams receptionist client that works with Microsoft 1st party Call Queues as well as other Teams solutions. Landis Technologies also provides a complete Contact Center for Microsoft Teams, but this solution works with or without the Landis Contact Center.

Landis Technologies will provide a PREVIEW of the Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams you can trial shortly after Microsoft releases the Teams client API interop functionality. (Currently Microsoft is communicating an ETA of May 2021)

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Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams

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