PC Sales and Services

With the Internet becoming more and more of a necessity in our everyday lives, the need for a properly functioning computer is becoming more and more crucial. However, with the internet becoming such a crucial part of day-to-day life, it becomes even more important that your computer remains in secure working order. Our experienced PC Repair Technicians are focused on getting your computer working as optimally as possible or, if necessary, providing you with an expert’s opinion as to which PC setup will support your workload the most reliably and efficiently. We can immediately schedule appointments on your first call and provide you with an estimated completion date. In a business that often operates on weeks of wait time we provide fast 1-2 day turnaround on most repairs.

What We Do

  • We offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services in-house, on-site, or remotely through a suitable broadband internet connection. These services include malware/adware and virus removal, general PC performance tune-ups, and operating system security and feature updates. We also handle internet access issues, Operating System issues, applications errors/issues, and data recovery.
  • We perform hardware repair/replacements and upgrades, including memory, data storage, laptop screens, and batteries.
  • We can transfer data such as pictures, documents, internet shortcuts, and contacts from one machine to another and offer full system backups.

What We Sell

  • We stock business-class laptops and desktops from manufacturers like HP, Lenovo, and Dell. We choose business-class models because they are designed with life-span longevity in mind and come with phenomenal warranty support.
  • We also stock a wide range of peripherals and equipment including monitors, printers, keyboards and mice, network switches and wireless routers, battery backups, flash memory and backup drives, and more.

Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams

This is an Attendant Console built for Microsoft Teams, using the native Microsoft Calling & Meeting APIs, by Landis Technologies. Sign up here to get notified about our Teams Attendant Console.