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What is an Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams?

What is a Microsoft Teams Attendant Console?

A soft client attendant has the following features:

  • A client optimized for handling multiple voice calls efficiently and quickly, especially transferring calls
  • Common, everyday tasks should be efficient
  • Easily search contacts, easy access to a large amount of contacts & quick overview of their status
  • Easily see caller context
  • Provides ability to tailor receptionist experience, customize to fit needs

A Microsoft Teams attendant console specifically, will additionally:

  • Easily enhance Teams calling experience without integration
  • Leverage unique Microsoft Teams strengths like presence, chat, bots & other Microsoft 365 components
  • Naturally fit into MS Teams endpoint lineup: Client, Phone, Rooms, etc.

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Landis Technologies has worked closely with the Microsoft API team to bring the first Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams to market, which is a simple client that only requires signing in with a Microsoft Teams user to start using it. Landis works hard to achieve the goal of providing the Microsoft Teams community the attendant console with the best user experience. You can get a fully working trial in minutes, with no credit card.

Additional information about the Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams:

Contact Center for Microsoft Teams – Landis Technologies LLC

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Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams

This is an Attendant Console built for Microsoft Teams, using the native Microsoft Calling & Meeting APIs, by Landis Technologies. Sign up here to get notified about our Teams Attendant Console.