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Server Benchmarks for EBMS

As a partner of Eagle Business Software, Landis Technologies has done and continues to do the research on servers to identify what builds benchmark best for use with EBMS. This benchmarking process is ongoing as new processors are released and working with different configurations of servers. We test many different server builds to find optimal configurations. One of the benefits of the time and energy we put in to benchmarking various servers is that we have the data to recommend the best server to meet your need and budget.

We have benchmarked a number of processors and have ranked their performance against EBMS below. Bear in mind that processor alone isn’t the only factor that is important; Memory, RAID configuration, and drive type all factor in as well but this gives you a sample of some of the most popular processors we have tested.
1. Intel Xeon Gold 5222 Quad Core at 3.80 GHz
2. Intel Xeon Gold 6230 20 Cores @ 2.10 GHz
3. AMD EPYC 7302 16 Cores @2.30 GHz
4. Intel Xeon Gold 5218 16 Cores @ 2.30 GHz
5. Intel Xeon E-2134 Quad core @ 3.50 GHz
6. Intel Xeon Silver 4210 10 cores @ 2.20 GHz

While there are certainly many variables that need to be factored it, it does seem that extra budget on the processor will result in better performance on the software. If you are setting up EBMS or replacing an old server, contact us and we can make some recommendations for your situation.

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