Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams AMERICAS EMEA APAC

Landis Assists Moving Contact Center Traffic to Microsoft Teams Calling Platform in AMERICAS, EMEA & APAC

Tuesday, 24 August, 2021

8/24/2021 – Landis Technologies is assisting Microsoft 365 organizations moving their contact center workload to the Microsoft Teams calling and meeting platform in regions across the world including AMERICAS, EMEA and APAC.

“Earlier this spring, Landis Contact Center moved from Public Preview to GA. Since then, we have increased the velocity of organizations transitioning their contact center functionality to Microsoft Teams via the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams” notes Wendell Martin, Global Sales at Landis Technologies. “We have been working closely with Microsoft on the development of Communication APIs which are now at the level we can provide significant value to a lot of customers.”

Unlike many contact center solutions that are merely integrated to Teams, Landis Contact Center is powered by the Teams calling & meeting platform Microsoft 365 organizations already own. This means Landis contact center traffic is running on Microsoft Teams voice infrastructure. Landis Contact Center calls contribute to the more than 30 billion Microsoft Teams Daily Collaboration Minutes (DCM).

Landis Technologies is seeing increasing momentum in interest in their Microsoft Teams Contact Center solution from regions including AMERICAS, EMEA & APAC. Landis Technologies will continue to expand languages and geographies in the coming months.

Landis Contact Center is available now. The Landis Technologies’ team welcomes you to join thousands of other organizations & Microsoft Partners who are starting the process of moving their contact center functionality to Microsoft Teams via the Landis Contact Center:

One Comment

  1. Hoi,

    I’ve some questions about your product.

    The University of Twente is interested in 2 products (Contact Center for Teams) and Call recording for Teams. Before we can test we want to know if we can test the software in Europe (EMEA)? And also , do you also have a “Processing agreement” because we want to protect our data (GDRP).
    The Universities in the Netherlands has got a “Processing agreement template” is that sinful?


    Sander Smit

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Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

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