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Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams & the New Microsoft Teams for Windows

In March 2023 Microsoft introduced the new Microsoft Teams app and in October 2023 the New Teams app for Windows became generally available. Because of quite a few benefits, including improved performance, simpler and more flexible UI, customers want to move to this improved client.

How will Microsoft Teams Version 2 app upgrade impact your Microsoft Teams Attendant Console solution? This depends on the architecture of your Attendant Console. Some Teams attendant console vendors (excluding Landis Technologies) depend on the Microsoft Teams client to handle calls and in this case the vendor may have difficulty making their attendant console working with the new Teams client. Landis Technologies’ has invested considerable work in their Microsoft Teams Attendant Console so that the Microsoft Teams client is not required and so their solution is not impacted by the new Microsoft Teams client. The Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams will continue work, just as before, with no action from users or administrators.

Landis has some non-critical features that interact with Microsoft Teams client that were impacted by the new Teams client. The Landis Attendant Console has a feature that suppresses Teams call toast/notifications. The new version of the Teams app handles this is a slightly different way which the Landis dev team has already addressed.

If you are using a Microsoft Teams Attendant Console, Operator Console or Receptionist Console from a vendor that no longer works, we welcome to a free, fully working 30 day trial that you can start using today at

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Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams

This is an Attendant Console built for Microsoft Teams, using the native Microsoft Calling & Meeting APIs, by Landis Technologies. Sign up here to get notified about our Teams Attendant Console.