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Landis Demonstrates Contact Search with Presence Utilizing the New Graph Presence API

Landis Technologies demonstrates contact search with presence utilizing the new Microsoft Graph presence API.

Landis Technologies managing owner Matt Landis notes: “This is a nice addition to our Teams Contact Center and allows it to show the presence status for users that contact center agents may want to add to a call.” Matt also gives some real-world application feedback on the new Microsoft Teams Graph Presence API, “From our informal, stopwatch based tests it appears the presence for a reasonable amount results (1-30) is typically returned by the API in under a half of a second.”

Also, there are a few items in the presence API that will likely be improved by Microsoft in the future, “Currently the API is not subscription based so applications using it, like the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams just need to pull the presence regularly so it reflect real time changes. Also, not all presence states, like ‘Out of Office’ are returned.”

You can watch the demonstration below.

Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

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