Landis Demonstrates Microsoft Teams Customer Service Call Recording Powered by the New Compliance Recording API

Microsoft Teams Call Recording

Landis Technologies has demonstrated Microsoft Teams customer service call recording powered by the new compliance recording APIs which are currently in Preview from Microsoft.

The Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Preview has had call recording and sentiment analysis functionality for internal Teams users calling into Landis queues previously, but the Compliance Recording API’s enables this new functionality:

  • PSTN Callers into Landis Queues can be automatically recorded via policies
  • PSTN Callers into Landis Queues now can have sentiment analysis shown live and stored
  • All Microsoft Teams clients will show a notification that “Calls are being recording…”
  • Call Recording start and stop can be controlled via the Landis Contact Center agent (based on policy)

Landis Technologies is focusing on customer service recording scenarios at this time. (as opposed to Compliance Recording scenarios). Stored call recording access is protected by robust, granular, access control.

This functionality will soon be available to our Technical Access Preview customers for the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams.

Read more about the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Contact Center:

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