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Landis Technologies Demonstrates Data Driven Call Routing for Microsoft Teams

Landis Technologies is demonstrating data driven call routing IVRs for Microsoft Teams as part of the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams. Everything is built using the Microsoft Teams Communication APIs utilizing the Teams Phone System.

“We are glad to be able to demonstrate sophisticated IVR call flows for calls using the Microsoft Teams Phone System” notes Landis Technologies CEO Matt Landis. “Our customers want to do complex call flows using their existing Teams Calling and without complex integration.”

Data driven call routing comes as part of the Landis Contact Center IVR call flow designer engine. The IVR initially includes the following call flow building blocks:

  • Incoming Call Trigger
  • Gather Call Information
  • HTTP Web Request/Response
  • Split/Decision
  • Transfer to LCC Queue
  • Hang-up Call

The IVR is entirely written using the native Microsoft Teams Communications APIs. Landis Technologies will continue to add building blocks to our Teams Contact Center IVR engine for even more sophisticated flows. You can watch a demonstration of the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams data driven call routing below.

This functionality will be released to the Landis Contact Center for Microsoft Teams Preview shortly.

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