Managing Holiday Hours for Microsoft Teams Contact Center

Holiday Hours Microsoft Teams Contact Center

We are once again in the portion of the year that contact center managers are thinking about their holiday hour management: either to make sure they are ready for the holiday season or to configure their system for the coming year. Whichever managers are thinking about, the Landis Contact Center makes managing holiday hours for Microsoft Teams based call centers straight forward.

Some things to know about holiday hour sets: they accommodate time zones, work in conjunction with business hours sets, and can be configured once and applied to many queues or IVRs. This allows editing one holiday hour set and having those holiday hours be applied across many call routing flows.

Microsoft Teams IVR Designer
Landis Contact Center Queues and IVRs can be assigned Holiday Hour sets.

To configure a holiday hour set go to Configuration > Holiday Hour Sets and click New. Now you can give the set a name, an additional description, and then as many specific holidays as you want to include in this holiday set.

Once you have the holiday hours setup, you can go into each queue or IVR and assign them a holiday hour set.

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